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We approached Bubba Bears because we were having trouble with Mila’s health and development at a larger daycare.

Bubba Bears were extremely welcoming to us when we arrived, which instantly made us feel comfortable.  They made Mila feel like she was comfortable in her surroundings as soon as she walked in.

The girls at Bubba Bears strongly encourage Mila to be her own person and discover things independently.  The results of this particular learning method has allowed Mila’s own little princess personality to shine through.  We have seen vast improvement in our daughters speech and motor skills which has made us extremely happy as parents.

We are provided with daily reports, photos and storybooks of Mila’s journey through daycare.  Being fulltime parents we didn’t want to feel like we were missing out on any part of Mila’s growth.

Bubba Bears has bridged the gap between our work life and Mila’s daycare life which enables us to be a part of her development even though we may not be there. 

One thing we really like is the homely natured environment they provide every day for all the children.  The kids all have great relationships not only with each other but the teachers as well.

I would recommend Bubba Bears to people who are looking for a great start to their children’s adventure phase of life.

Jane & Arek Kubicki (Mila’s Mummy & Daddy)
Arkles Bay


As a mother, one of the hardest decisions as a parent is choosing childcare, but with Bubba Bears my stress and anxiety was taken away.

From our first visit, I knew Bubba Bears was the best place for our two boys. The staff are caring and professional, but give a sense of calm and relaxation for all of the children in their care.

I like that they are honest about my children's behaviour and help me on a daily basis to teach my children to be safe and happy while they are playing.

I can go to work every day and know my children are being cared for by a wonderful team of teachers who all work together and look out for each other and the children.

Cherie Parker




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My son has been at this daycare 5 days a week since he was 5 months old. The ladies take amazing care of him each day and I can go to work trusting he will be well looked after.

As he reaches new milestones, I am informed and met with excitement from the girls also. The other kids are all happy, and look out for my son also. As his diet changed with age, they spoke to me about new things they were trying him on.

My son is happy to go every morning and is loved by each of the ladies. I would highly recommend this centre to any parent.

Bailey's Mum

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